Waterfront Solutions is a design and consulting group with over 30 years of experience in waterfront design for residential and commercial applications. Our specialty is working within parameters that are often challenging with regard to topography, shoreline accessibility, exposure, heavy currents, wetlands and ADA accessibility. Our commercial portfolio represents experience working with all types of commercial entities, including municipalities, State and Federal agencies, commercial marinas, land planners, architects & civil engineers, utility companies, homeowners associations, and residential sites.

Our services include:

  • Conceptual Designs
  • Waterfront Surveys
  • Wind/Wave Analysis
  • Anchoring Layout & Design
  • Design Specifications for Bids
  • Project Estimates for Consulting Engineers

Residential waterfront sites can be unique and often challenging. We can work with you to provide a design that meets your needs while accommodating the restrictions dictated by your site.

  • Stairs & Hillside Trolleys for waterfront access
  • Dock system layouts and designs
  • Structural recommendations for boathouse foundations

We design waterfront systems suitable for fresh water, salt water, lakes, rivers, bays and sounds of the Eastern United States. We perform project designs for:



Our Services

Our services include waterfront surveys, conceptual designs, wind/wave analysis, anchoring layout & design, design specifications for bids, project estimates. Learn more»

Waterfront Design

We specialize in solutions for restrictive parameters in permitting, location, terrain, and limited space. Learn more»

ADA Designs

We incorporate a variety of design options for challenging sites to meet ADA accessibility. Learn More»
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