Waterfront Solutions is a design and consulting group with 30 years of experience in waterfront design for residential and commercial applications.  Our specialty is working within parameters that are often challenging with regard to topography, shoreline accessibility, exposure, heavy currents, wetlands and ADA accessibility.  All of our services are available for residential and commercial applications.

Our services include:

Waterfront surveys

Complete site assessment on land and if necessary, in the water to determine the most efficient design integrating any permitting, environmental or space restrictions.

Conceptual designs

Upon completion of your waterfront survey, we can prepare an overview of the recommended plan in a 2D and 3D conceptual rendering.

Wind/Wave Analysis

Calculations for wind load and wave analysis is available to determine recommended dock system style, anchoring method and layout.

Anchoring Layout & Design

This is performed in conjunction with a wind/wave analysis as noted previously.

Design specifications for bids

We can write complete specifications for bid requests inclusive of all details typically required for municipalities and federal agencies for waterfront projects.

Project Estimates for Consulting Engineers & Architectural Land Planners

We can review proposed waterfront projects to determine a project estimate for budget or bidding purposes.

Residential Waterfront Design

Residential waterfront sites can be unique and often challenging. We can work with you to provide a design that meets your needs while accommodating the restrictions dictated by your site.

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